Eyelash Love

I'm a specatcled gal. Yep, I wear glasses, day in and day out. But I'm lucky, because despite appearances I can go without for extended periods of time. I wouldn't do this driving of course, or working, but for a night on the town, I can be coke-bottle free.

And that's a good thing. Have a look at these Paperself delicious lash embellishments:

"these [are] synthetic-and cruelty-free alternatives to the screen-siren-worthy rollout. As delicate as lace, each pair of faux peeper framers is based on the Chinese art of jian zhi or paper cutting. Featuring traditional motifs such as peonies (for happiness), peach blossoms (romance), and horses (success), these flirty extensions are certain to set any heart aflutter."

Oh my word! You could have horses for eyelashes, how decadent! In spite of these looking extremely expensive and potentially hard to wear, they are actually feather weight and go for only twelve pounds plus shipping. Laser cutting machines have been hitting the production factory level for the stationery industry hard in the last few years. Suddenly you can cheaply mass produce beautiful, intricate designs that appear hand rendered.

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