Illustrator of the Month – August 2009


As her blogspot tells us, Samantha Victoria Conover is a Toronto based artist specializing in semi-erotic semi-nudes. Interestingly in her bio she does not anywhere mention her affinity for lingerie that is so prevalent in these illustrations. I sense that this is the main focus for her as she illustrates these semi-nudes, as this is where the bulk of the detail work is focused.

I sense an influence of Egon Schiele (also here and here) though I'm not sure if this intentional or not.

Much of SVCON's strength as an illustrator lies in the unique perspective and personality she lends to this cast of characters. None are identical, none are waifish and none are seemingly passive and dominated. These characters are perhaps lethargic but more often joyful, as they appear to be comfortable in their beauty and body, which is a surprisingly unusual characteristic in many erotic images.

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