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I'm bring my favourite feature over here from another blog I write, that will eventually be closing down. This is the new home of "Illustrator of the Month". Welcome! I've decided to post the archive to give context going forward. Hope you enjoy. This was originally posted in the summer of 2008.

In researching artwork for my job I often discover artists that I love but will never be able to use for work projects. (Well, just yet that is...) I felt I had to begin honouring them in some way, for all their hard work in sending me packages and such. So, my own personal blog will act as my ode to their work.

I discovered Henne Haworth after seeing work of hers published as an editorial illustration in the surprisingly good Air Canada magazine enRoute. Here are a couple of her illustrations - check out more at her website.

I don't know much about Hennie Haworth , other than she's quite nice to work with, seems young to be having such success, is very talented, and is based in London, England.

Be sure to check her site for other excellent pieces..these are just two of my favourites. If you click on the below images, it will take you to a much larger version.

This illustration speaks to me on such a personal level, and not just 'cause my favourite colour is orange:


This is an example of her more typical work...she does amazing studies of all sorts of things, and her style reminds me of those drawings we did in art school with our eyes closed...except hers actually look good.

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