Illustrator of the Month - April 2010


(as always, click to see full size - images are under copyright to the artist)

This month's illustrator is a french artist named Adolie Day who works in both digital and traditional media. Besides her artwork, she also works as a textile designer for children's fashion. You can see the influence of textiles is apparent in her work, which is rich with texture and depth.

You can follow her delicious blog,  or pick up one of her prints on Etsy.

What I appreciate most in her work is the balance. Balance between digital and organic, morbid and sweet, colourful and dark, serious and playful. The delicate lace-like graphics laid over top smooth shapes is especially dynamic . Somehow the artist manages to balance both the gothic and the childlike themes and as a result has created a style that is both cute and (oh I hate this word) edgy.

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