Wall Blank


Wall Blank started in 2008 as an idea that became a mass email to a group of friends. The idea was for a website where you could buy real, limited edition art prints, and not the kind of cheesy ones you find at most galleries. Instead the site was conceived as a place to print great poster art (both new and old), original illustrations and photographs. The concept also included doing no-profit prints, where the artist donates their work, and the profits go to a selected charity. The email idea grew and soon enough www.wallblank.com was born.

Wall Blank posts new pieces of art regularly, sometimes daily (but not quite). They release the prints in poster size as limited editions, that are typically available only for one week. Less, if  they are very popular. The artists receive a portion of the sale price. Wall Blank 'curates' the selections to ensure a cool, design-friendly collection of prints and artists. They also sell the works framed, if you want them that way.

I can't stop drooling in anticipation of the next release. Look at some of the past releases to get the idea:

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