Harlequin Notables

The National Stationery Show is always a treat to walk through. Though I attend a number of trade shows throughout the year, I find the NSS to be the most interesting because it seems that a lot of the exhibitors are small start ups and independent companies. So many show in just a 10'x10' booth and are thrilled to even speak to you about their product.

One memorable booth I saw this year was a company called Flowerpot Press. Based in Canada and Nashville, they produce Children's books, Music, Audio Books, Paper products and Eco-friendly stationery. What caught my attention was their Harlequin Notables series. Last year a good friend of mine was involved in the creation of a Harlequin calendar to celebrate the company's 60th Anniversary. It was used as a promotional item so it was not available for retail purchase. It was really cool though, and featured some amazing book covers. Since I knew the designer I was lucky enough to get my hands on one. I guess I wasn't the only person to love it - due to the the success of the calendar, Harlequin has licensed the same selections from their archive to Flowerpot Press so that they could create a series of journals using the Harlequin Romance covers. 
You can shop for them here.

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