I Love Vintage

I've been looking for equestrian-inspired stuff all spring. I don't know why. I think it started with putting my hair in a side braid, which is trendy, but really I started wearing it that way because this is the first time in my life that I've had long hair. I'm really quite terrible at styling it and a side braid is easy. Anyhow I'm after blazers. So I headed into my local Value Village shop searching. While the blazer hunt was fruitless, I did have two great finds! I did some research on both items when I got home and so now I have to share.

I had heard of "Vera" scarves before. But I didn't pick this scarf because it had the name - I picked it first for the lovely colours.

The Vera Neumann scarf line began in New York in 1947 and became a mid-century success story. The scarves were beloved for their whimsical designs and bold graphics. Vera Neumann was foremost an artist, and her scarves display her sense of colour. She was ahead of her time in gutsy colour mixes, putting lime greens, chocolates and purples together, for instance. The painterly scarves became a highly collectible accessory, and almost as many people framed them and hung them on their walls as tied them around their necks.

In their heyday, Vera scarves were sold at 12,000 stores around the world, though they were mostly an American phenomenon. Marilyn Monroe, a fan of the line, was photographed naked but for some sheer Vera scarves. I'm feeling pretty happy about the $2 I spent. Forgive the wrinkles...it needs steaming.

Next I found a silver handbag. I was looking for silver recently because I have black dress I'd like to wear soon....ideally with bright blue shoes and a silver bag, though so far, only the silver bag has turned up. When I saw this little vintage number I was pretty thrilled, it's in perfect condition.

It's boxy and you can hide the chain inside and make it a clutch (likely how it will be used when I wear it) and best of all, it was hand made in Canada. This is my second vintage purse find of this sort. I know there are probably lots out there because at one time this wasn't really uncommon. But to me, it makes the item that much more special. Check out the label.

I think that is Toronto City Hall. I haven't been able to find out too much about this designer. What I can find out is that he was Canadian, and a Judy Award Winner. I learned that from an Etsy post, so I have no idea what that means or if it is even true. Some more research is needed. Anyone know anything about him? Anyhow, I love it. And $3. That's all!

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