Logo Love: Batman

I'm a Batman fan. I'm not a bandwagon jumper, for real. I used to watch the original Batman series every day when I got home from school. No, I'm not that old, I just liked reruns. I also like Welcome Back Kotter. A lot! Anyhow back to Batman. Following many Adam West reruns I got into that animated series for a while. It was great and very dark and definitely was a nice lead in to my high school goth phase. Of course, anyone who knows me well knows about my soft spot for Michael Keaton as Batman.  Only that costume could make MK sexy.  Clooney was just a mess that I'll try to forget, but his casting in that role did make me falter a bit in my love for the hero. I've not seen the Batman's starring Clooney, and I don't think I'm missing anything either. To be honest I don't think you could top my love for MK as Batman by picking anyone other than Christian Bale as the new Batman. I loved Batman Begins so so much. I even own it on DVD and I never buy DVDs because I really have no interest in watching movies over and over again. Though, that seems to be changing with Christopher Nolan movies. The only other exception is Some Like it Hot. I could be forced to watch that movie on repeat forever and never tire of it.

Anyhow this is a long and rambling way of introducing this video which illustrates the evolution of the Batman logo. Pretty neat.

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