Fall in Love with Pink Again

I'm one of those annoying fall-loving people who, at this time of year, start looking forward to the onset of autumn. I go around thinking, "Hmm, I'd really like to throw on a pair of jeans right now." Summer-loving folks seem to find this annoying, but fall is my favourite season. Those first cool nights just feel so good, and I love the warm colour tones that seem right during the fall season.

This fall's colour forecast includes pink. While pink is not your typical fall colour, the types of pink that will appear this fall aren't your typical pinks.

As the neon-hot-fuchsia-pink trend seems to finally found it's demise after what easily seems like a decade of dominance and the french spa-baby-Parisian pink trend has finally tired, we're ready for a new spin on the hue.

Look for glowing corals, which introduce an orange tone without being too salmon or too pink.  An extension of the vintage peaches we've seen this past spring and summer, this fall version is richer, brighter and closer in tone to real coral.

If coral isn't really your speed, the other side to this reinvention of pink is the super-pale greyed out pinks. Oyster, dusty, pale rose tones that appear antiqued or weathered.

Fall in love with pink again!

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