Art for a Good Cause

Check out this awesome fundraiser:

The November Illustrator of the Month, Dani Crosby, OCHC, Danny Guay and Natalie Garcia have put this great event together supporting the Oshawa Community Health Centre. Music and Art and a friday night? Love it.

While I'm talking about art in the local community I should mention that my last two newspaper columns of 2010 didn't get blogged. Oops!
Here they are:
Creativity is a Gift Worth Sharing
Pictures from the Past, Pictures in the Future

My column is going monthly for 2011 which is great because I love doing it and I'm looking forward to continuing onwards. I've got some other projects in the cooker I can't WAIT to tell you about, but with everything that's gone on in my personal life in the last few months (which some of you know about, others, not so much) it's been held up with getting some things in order. But, as we near the middle of January I'm seeing a light at the end of the tunnel and projects, the blog and some other good creative shenanigans are going to kick off the new year (well, if you follow the Chinese calendar anyhow) perfectly.

Stay tuned.

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