Spring 2011 Fashion Colour Trends

Oh darlings, I've been itching to make a trend post for weeks! And here I am with a little bit of time. I've mentioned before in my blog that I like to think up style themes on which to base my wardrobe decisions. Anyone who has known me (even by vague acquaintance) for a long time knows I'm a bit of a chameleon style-wise. While in some ways I'm consistent (bit of a spaz, nervous, shy-at-first gal with a loud outgoing sublayer who loves art, music and all things culture) in other ways I love and embrace change. Especially self image. One minute I'm obsessed with mens wear, the next with architectural styles, the next with saturated brights. I think this is what lovers of fashion really are, people who love to experiment and explore various versions of themselves. I guess I caught this bug early on, playing dress up with the big garbage bag full of vintage goodies my mom collected for my sister and I as kids. Side note: I would kill to have that bag now. Ack!

Anyhow this time of year is tough because I try desperately to resist the urge to shop or thrift as the spring months are underway. The dregs of winter goods are all that is left - the good sale items already picked over - and the new merch is still full price! Ick. FULL PRICE (shudder). So this time of year is a good time to start the virtual shop, checking out magazines and thinking about what style theme I might like to consider for my spring/summer wardrobe. Last year I titled it 'Equestrian Metrosexual' and was pretty obsessed with striped shirts, blazers and flats with skinny jeans. Leather and menswear. I'm still feeling that look but I think it needs to evolve. I'm also pretty tired of wearing black. I wear it constantly ('cause for me, everything is tempered with a hint of gothic edge) and I think it's time to shuffle things up a bit  in my life and to try to wear some more colour, in particular red and other brights, especially in combination.

Style.com lists HYPERCOLOR as one of the hot trends for spring. To quote, 

"We can't remember a season in which fashion has wrapped its arms around color like it has for Spring—and it wasn't just the designers you'd expect doing the hugging. Haider Ackermann tried teal and electric blue on for size; Aquilano Rimondi combined poppy citrus hues; and Mr. Understatement himself, Raf Simons, served up a Crayola cocktail at Jil Sander. The best part? As Simons so cleverly demonstrated, brights look great with black." 

What do I say to this? Yes, that's what. The good news is that these colours all mix so well with black items they will be easy to work into my exisiting wardrobe. After all, while I might have the tastes of a independently-wealthy sophisticate, I don't have the budget. So it will be pieces here and there that I can add to my existing items to refresh my looks.

I'm also enjoying the 70's colour trends that are inspired by Yves Saint Laurent's iconic looks. 

Where I see real potential is in the combination of these two trends. This is probably best expressed in the Fendi look above that shows a olive green shoe with a magenta dress, red belt and orange sunglass. Love! Working the saturated colours in a 70's variation. Paired with the hot new length for skirts (below the knee or mid-calf) this look seems fresh and contemporary but is very retro-influenced. I think doing the wild colour combinations with the seventies silhouettes and tones makes for a fresh interpretation so that a very costume-like look is avoided. 

I also want to figure out more excuses to pair my favourite colour combo, orange and navy blue. This spring I want to challenge myself to include more hues to make it more interesting. Here's my multi-hued, 1970's inspired inspiration board for spring.

Saturated Seventies Spring

Saturated Seventies Spring (click to find out what the items are and where to buy)
What colour trends are you excited for this spring?

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