Summer Trend - Analogous Colour

I love this time in summer when all the colour comes out in people's wardrobes. This summer I'm obsessed with mixing multiple blues, teals and greens..

The old adage says, "Blue and Green should never be seen except in your mother's washing machine!" Well, I don't live with my mother anymore (though I do occasionally use her washing machine, especially when mine is on the fritz!) so I guess this means I can mix blue and green whenever I like.

I like mixing bright cobalt shoes with a soft teal necklace with navy blue blouse. Paired with a grey skirt the look is still soft and work appropriate, but allows colour experimentation.

Working teal into your wardrobe now will be a wise choice because as I've covered, teal is going to be an important hue for fall and will carry you through the next few years feeling fresh in your wardrobe.

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Combining multiple hues in the same section of the colour wheel is less garish than mixing opposites, and allows more experimentation.

Whereas last summer I was obsessed with wearing primary blue, red and yellow at the same time, this year I'm more interested in analogous colour combinations.

Analogous colour combinations are those that are created when adjacent hues are selected from one side of the colour wheel.  This method of colour mixing requires a bit of a natural sense of warm and cool - not all blues and greens are cool after all, but it's hard to go wrong if you stay over on one side of the wheel.

Some more inspiration:

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