Spring Fashion Inspiration 2013

Sometimes inspiration comes from unexpected sources. A short while ago my mom gave me a vintage pair of driving gloves she was planning to downsize from her closet.

I put them on and they just felt right. I wore them yesterday with monochromatic look including a blazer and a pair of skinny black jeans.

Immediately I felt like a feminine Karl Lagerfeld, and ready to take on the world. Of course, I'm must less dramatic and demanding than Karl, but that doesn't mean I can't take inspiration from his sense of personal style.

"Karl Who?" you ask?

Why, Karl Lagerfeld, of course, the German fashion designer, writer and artist, current head designer at Chanel. He's chic, and fierce, and any other of those fashionable adjectives. What I appreciate about his sense of style is that while it is simple, it is anything but boring. He mixes basic pieces with over the top finishes and manages to do it with a sense of humour.

What I'm taking from it this spring:
Sharp tailoring
Jeans with formal wear
Oversized jewellery
Black aviators
Skinny pants
Bright whites
Plaids and Stripes in small doses
and of course, Gloves!

Here's my spring Polyvore inspiration board. Luckily for me and my budget, many of these pieces are already in my wardrobe, and the others I will seek from vintage and thrift stores. Happy Spring!


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tush said...

good post again Jacquie. I love his sense of humour in his clothing styles, am envious of it...you represent a feminine version of him well.