Everything in Pink, Please

One of my favourite things about forecasting trends is when I suddenly and unexpectedly feel an attraction to a particular colour. It's fascinating to me that the world of colour marketing is so effective. How incredible is it that even when I feel I could never love a colour again, I suddenly look at my wardrobe and wonder why I own none of it? (The answer is, I donated those things years ago, sure I would never wear them again.)

At the moment I'm craving light pink. I'm not talking about Pantone's 2014 Colour of the Year Radiant Orchid, it's more of a purple-pink. I'm talking baby blanket, extra soft, subtle, pale pink.

“Pink is the color of joy and femininity, it lets you believe in a quiet and beautiful future”
- Christian Dior

My style is a bit more edgy than feminine, more tom-boy than pretty-in-pink. But lately I've been feeling an urge to bring more softness to my style. And of course, I know that this is coming from a larger fashion trend.

Rachel Zoe's blog the Zoe Report has a great slideshow that features this light pink trend as it stormed runways in 2014. Light pink, though it's generally more popular as a spring look, was essential even in Fall collections. There are even a ton of great wool coat options available in pink this winter! Check out the slideshow here.

Mixing pink with basic blacks and whites seems to be the most common and easy way of adding the hue to an existing wardrobe. Which is the way I want to add it--possibly a pretty pink sweater paired with black skinny jeans and heavy-metal-inspired jewellery, a sort of grandma-punk pairing that makes the pretty less saccharine.

The great thing about Pink is that it matches almost anything. In a shoe pale pink is as neutral as nude. Pair them with a green, blue, black, brown or purple dresses easily, or match them with a red, orange, yellow or printed dress if you are more daring.


So many things from the 1990's are back. Grungy plaids, doc martins, high waisted jeans... and I can't help but think the upsurge in pink is a small part of that. What is old is truly new again, and we haven't seen a massive popularity in this hue since the mid 1990's. Hot pink and fuchsia took over their paler sister in the late 90's and early 2000's with edgy and garish pairings winning out over more subtle, pretty looks. As we are now tiring of those combinations, a return to pale pink as a wardrobe staple is here.

In the summer I purchased a pink pair of shoes to wear with a red dress. I suspect a pretty pink sweater is in my future, but I don't think I will go as far as a pink winter coat. What do you feel about light pink? Have you felt the urge to purchase pink or have you already?

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