Looking Ahead to 2015


2014 was a big year for me. A year ago I was moving to a new (tiny) town, starting a new job, and moving in with my boyfriend of a year and a half and hoping for the best.

In that year I've travelled to Halifax and Las Vegas for fun, Toronto, Edmonton, Essex Vermont and Montreal for work, and all across Ontario on a regular basis for visits with people I care about. It's been busy and fulfilling and fun. And I've grown to adore this tiny town I now call home. 

And while in Las Vegas, I got engaged to my favourite person ever.

So 2015 looks like it will be a doozie. I've decided to focus on my own creativity in 2015, in spending time getting various ideas I've had for a while moving again. Since planning our wedding is my major project for the year, I want to take on limited volunteer work or projects that I'm not totally passionate about to make time and energy available to myself. 

I want to spend more time reading books, and less time reading things on the Internet. Unplugging is important. I received a copy of Alice Munro's Lives of Girls and Women for Xmas and it reminded me how much I enjoy short stories...especially good now that my attention span is so short. I want to read more short stories and possibly write some as well. 

I want to draw more, write more, create more, blog more, and so on. I definitely intend to focus on my output being more consistent and not just for specific needs, but also for relaxation. Sometimes it's hard to disconnect from consuming content and remember it's just as relaxing for me to create it as it is to quietly consume it.

As for career goals, this year I want to get around to creating an online portfolio and have already started building it. Otherwise in this area I think 2015 will be fairly stable as I plan to focus on other areas more. For too many years in a row I've been overly concerned with career development. It's time to focus on personal creative development. 

I guess I see planning a wedding as part of that too. That's creative and part of my personal life as well. I am just pinning like mad and the vision is starting to come together. 

I'll share my projects here when appropriate but be sure to follow me on my other social sites as I travel through my 35th year. 

Happy New Year to you! 

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