About Me

Hi, I'm Jacquie.

I blogged for years under various aliases and noms-de-plume before collecting posts from various sites here under my real name beginning in 2010.

I write about what interests me; products that inspire me, colour combinations that feel fresh, trends in culture and society, and my travels to various cities. I love art, fashion, good food, craft beer, great music, vintage everything, as well as the unusual and the strange.

By day, I work as a marketing manager for an awesome craft brewery. In the past I worked at a fashion company, a food bank, an art museum, the design school at a college, a lingerie store, a calendar company, and as a floral designer (but not in that exact order).  I write freelance on the side for various publications.

I am endlessly curious and love trying new things. I love travelling to places I've never been before, breakfast sandwiches, and the colour orange. This blog is my home on the internet. Welcome!

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