Feather Wigs

Recently at an event I saw a woman with the most perfect pixie cut hair. As a long-time short haired person (now venturing into the world of having long hair) I am always on the lookout for great short cuts. I'm still unsure about this long hair business and I'm always looking for a reason to chop it all off.

Anyhow, I was checking out her mop when I realized the reason her hair looked so shiny and wonderful is because it wasn't hair at all - it was a wig made of black feathers.

So I did a little research. This wasn't just any feather wig bought at some costume shop, this wig was so beautiful, so well made. And I found it:

It's not exactly 'affordable', but wow, does it impress. You can also get it in a peacock version, but I really prefer the simplicity of this chic shag. This is a really nice evolution on the feather-headband trend.

A little research tells me that the whole thing was likely inspired by one of the many amazing headpieces hair and makeup artist Katsuya Kamo created for Chanel Haute Couture Spring 2009 runway:

Not quite as wearable...but then it wouldn't be Haute Couture, now would it?

Consider me on the hunt for a reasonable facsimile of this that falls within my budget. Headed to New York in a month or so - and I think I'll be hitting up some wholesale accessory stores in Manhattan to see what I can find.

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