Trend Party - Tassels

I was reading the Lilla Rogers blog today and noticed this crazy tassle on a handbag:

Ok, ok, so it's Juicy Couture, far from the Louis Vuitton version, but I love it. It's crazy. Tassels are over the place lately if you look really closely.

Why am I suddenly tempted to put some curtain ties into action? At very least, this trend is easy to work with if you are crafty!  Better still, you know you'll find loads of tassel-adorned loafers from the 80's in the thrift shops.
Though it seems the Burlesque trend has been kicking around for a long time now, the mainstream is about to have a blast of it with the upcoming film starring Cher and Christina Aguilara.  Could this be the inspiration behind the tassel trend?  Hmm.

Otherwise I see it as an evolution on the hippie-chic moccasin booties. Those are worn out and tired now, but no one was tired of the tassels!

The beauty of the tassel trend is that it is easily translated into many clothing, jewellery and home decor items. Tassels are a universal ornament seen in varying incarnations in many cultures around the globe, and so many people relate to the beauty and simplicity of the item. Not to mention, a tassle feels great sliding through the fingers. Hmm. Off to the drapery shop I go....

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