Illustrator of the Month - August 2010

Bil Donovan is an artist, fashion illustrator and educator. He's worked with all the big names in fashion - Vogue, Neiman Marcus, Yves St Laurent, Christian Dior, and so on.

He's Christian Dior's first Artist-in-Residence, while simultaneously a professor at the Fashion Institute of Technology. He also studied at F.I.T, as well as the Philadelphia Institute of Arts.

His illustration style is fresh and modern. Deceptively simple, but full of rhythm and texture. Watercolours don't allow for mistakes - these seem perfect on the first brushstroke and I find that incredibly engaging.

Simply put, now that I know his style, I'll recognize his work a mile away.

I love his illustrations so much and need to put seeing some of his work in a gallery on my to-do list. To me it transcends fashion and is fine art, but Bil chooses to also work under the name William Donovan to produce non-commercial fine art works. I've included images from his fashion work as well as his fine art.

Lots more to see on his website (click here)

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