Photoshoppin: What the Hell Edition

I know there are a lot of blogs out there that specialize in Photoshop disasters. In fact, I think there's one called "Photoshop Disasters" and they probably were the first.

None the less I don't find it any less amusing/relevant to post some of the worst photoshopping examples I've seen recently. I just rightclick/save these as I'm trolling the net here and there and save them up for times like this, when I'm feeling very bloggy.

Without further ado: Jacquie's worst fashion ad photo retouching picks for fall 2010:

First of all, Matthew McConaughey
here does not have that much hair. I was so distracted by the fake hair they've added to him I barely noticed that his head has been placed on a body that is clearly not his. In fact, is this even Matthew McConaughey? Why is his neck so thin? Why does his head look the wrong size? 

Stella McCartney fall 2010 ads are lovely, until you notice that the model in the grey coat doesn't have body below her chest and above her thighs.


Shiseido Cle de Peau Fall 2010 ad...
I guess their target market is Gumby. Look at that neck!Amazing it can stretch like that without a single crease. Also she's missing that dip where the throat meets the collar bone. In fact, it appears she doesn't have a collar bone. Amazing.

This image from the Proenza Schouler Fall 2010 Campaign has gotten lots of press. Wow, that's quite a waist. Also, pretty amazing ability to turn right around, shoulders and all, with feet facing the other way. No really. Try it. How far behind you can you look with your feet facing the other way?

Just your daily reminder - don't believe everything you see.  You know, I'm not opposed to photo retouching in general. I understand that at time it is essential. I understand that people buy things that look perfect in ads.All I'm asking for is a tiny bit more realism. Say, actually taking a new photo before slapping an ad together with it, instead of just reusing an old shot of a face, adding it to another shot of a body, and placing it on a third photo to make a background. If you can't afford that, then get a different photographer/art director/stylist. There's lots of talented people out there who do great work, and can actually take photographs that look great without turning women into Gumby Dolls. It's just not necessary.

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