Until Now, Non-Advertised Fact: I'm a Floral Designer

kellie's peacock theme wedding

I'm a floral designer. I learned the trade mostly by doing, as I was lucky enough to apprentice to a talented designer when I was in high school.

It's a great trade to have because it is somewhat like riding a bicycle. Once you have the technical skills you keep them for a long time and from there staying up-to-date is related to staying aware of trends, colour themes and new techniques.

It's a communicative process, much like all design really, because getting to know what your client wants style-wise is related to listening, interpreting and providing a result that fulfills their needs.

I don't really advertise the services I offer and find that word-of-mouth gets me more-than-enough work every year. I've never even really blogged about it but I thought I would today for fun because I got some great pics from a bride I've been wanting to share for a while.

a rainbow of peacock-inspired hues

I really enjoy the work and am passionate about offering one-of-a-kind service and upscale design. I don't do it on a full-time basis, because I'm not interested in being an assembly-line designer turning out project-after-project with the same look.

I love a challenging client like Kellie - she had a real vision for her wedding. Upscale, trendy, glamourous, pretty and with a peacock theme that had to match a variety of blues, browns and rich golds, this wedding was a real design challenge, but a real treat to work on.

Emily's Aubergine & Kawasaki Green Polka-dot Wedding

The wedding industry is a tough one to be in. For one, you work every weekend of the summer, which I'm not willing to do. Most summers I consider it and have come close to pursuing this full time many times. But I haven't done that yet. In spite of this statement, I've decided to open up a little bit and put it out there that I do offer these services. I limit myself to about four clients per summer so if you are interested, or know someone who is, please feel free to contact me - leave a comment or use the 'contact me' tab on the blog to find me.

table centre piece for natural theme wedding

What I offer that makes me unique is a level of personalized service that you can't get from a flower shop. I'll come to your house, sit with you for hours if need be, working through your options and working to find something that will completely express your idea. I help with everything from colours to hall decor to accessories in order to create a dynamic story to be told on the wedding day. From there, I think I will let two recent thank you letters from clients speak for me, along with the pictures in this post.

graphic/bold for summer 2010
Jacquie, I just wanted to send you a quick note to say thanks for the wonderful floral services that you provided to us on our wedding day. We had a real blast and all of our guests did too! Everyone we've talked to has given us great feedback about the flowers, decor and appearance of the hall itself, and just how it was such a wonderful wedding! Colin and I felt like a prince and princess that day. The flowers played a huge part in this. We're so happy to have chosen you to do our flowers and centrepieces. Thank you for working so diligently to help make this day so special for both of us. We will certainly be recommending you to anyone we meet in the future who is looking for a florist for their wedding day!
- Kellie & Colin

lipstick, yellow and a blast of romantic pink blended with burgundy...

Jacquie, The flowers you did for our wedding were truly amazing. You went way above and beyond what we could have hoped for! Everyone commented on how spectacular the flowers were. Thank you for everything, including all of the questions you answered and advice you gave.. - Emily & Mike

iris honoured the place where the bride & groom were engaged, new orleans

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