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Last week I was honoured to receive a Stylish Blogger Award from the lovely Alessia at The Vintage Ramble! Thank you Alessia!

Yay! Such a fun idea, I always enjoy looking at other blogs for inspiration, motivation and joy. The Vintage Ramble chronicles Alessia's business bringing vintage fashion to the home party concept. She will literally bring her awesome-filled vintage closet to your house while you throw a party for your gal-pals and shop to your heart's content. I love the concept so much! Her blog is adorable too, and is chock-full of fun vintage fashion ideas, which you know I love!

Alessia also operates an Etsy Shop for the Ramble and sells handcrafted goods under the banner Six Dollar Goods. Such cute stuff, go check it out.

There are a few rules to the awards:
1. Thank the person who gave you the award and link back to them in your post.
2. Tell us seven things about you.
3. Award seven recently discovered new bloggers.
4. Contact these bloggers and let them know they've received the award.

So here are my 7 Things:

1. I added going to a soccer match in England to my bucket list today. My entire family on my father's side lives in England and I've  never been. I need to go soon! I decided today I will start saving now. It will make a good blog post too.

2. I make mean chicken fingers. It's a simple meal that I always think isn't very special but when I have cooked them for other people they rave about them endlessly and for years afterwards. I pair them with chipolte mayo and dijonaise.

3. I'm going to use a Feng Shui expert to help me layout my condo. It is a little out of character for me to believe in things some people might call hocus-pocus but I've been following some of his tips and they have worked in a way that I actually find a little eerie. I don't care if it is the power of positive thinking, I'm just going to go for it anyhow. I'll blog about it, of course.

4. I love mustard. I recently cleaned out my fridge and discovered I had 6 different kinds: regular, dijon, seeded, horseradish, deli-style and hot. I don't like honey mustard though.

5. I'm hard of hearing. I say 'pardon' a lot and try to look people in the face when they are talking to me so I can see their lips move. I apologize for not hearing people properly all the time and really hate any situation involving speakerphone. I watch movies with the subtitles all the time.

6. My sense of humour is a combination of Archie Comics and Benny Hill episodes.

7. I've been to Detroit on vacation a number of times. It's not high on people's lists of places to go on vacation but I have (well, actually had, they moved to LA!) friends there. The art gallery is great and that city has a lot of character.

And now, for my seven stylish bloggers!

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