I'm a Dot-Com


This week my sister joined twitter. I was pretty excited because I'm a bit of a tweet-a-holic and am always happy when someone I know joins up, so I can tweet at them. She was saddened to discover that in spite of her name being fairly uncommon her chosen twitter handle wasn't available.Worse still was the discovery that the gal who had taken it doesn't tweet and follows exclusively celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Snooki. What a waste!

Alas she settled for her second choice and joked to me that perhaps she should purchase domain names in the name of her two young children now.

The joke is topical because I had just read an article about people naming their children based on available domain names. While I think this is utterly ridiculous, I also took this into consideration when deciding this week to move this site from jacquiesevers.blogspot.com to jacquiesevers.com. I'm a dot-com now. How about that?

If you are here on the old domain, not to worry, eventually it will redirect to the new address. I think it will be a lot easier to post the link to the dot.com instead of adding the blogspot addition and mostly I'm just excited to have ownership of my name in the web world.

And with that I leave you this little ditty from the late 90's and say until next time.

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